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We are  always fascinated by this dynamic graphic element launched in 2016 by Instagram. Stickers have become the goto decorative element for Instagram stories.

Using the right stickers at the right time helps brands reach their target audience when they are actively browsing the social media platform. These stickers make your stories attractive and some have interactive features that help people engage with the stores. 

The Location sticker, the Hashtag sticker, the Mention sticker, followed by additions like the Music sticker, the Quiz sticker, the Poll sticker are all common features in Instagram stories nowadays. 

Social media platforms have been quick to respond and create features that helped people to know about the COVID 19 pandemic.

It is interesting to note that Instagram has come up with interactive stickers during special events that help people share and view content relating to the event in one place.

Let us have a look at some of these stickers that have come up in recent times during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

The Announcement

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One of the first things noticed in the Instagram feed when the pandemic began was the announcement linking to the World Health Organization to provide the latest information about the pandemic.

This was a swift move to ensure that misinformation does not spread through the platform and people have access to official news and updates about the pandemic. 

The Stay Home Sticker

As social distancing became the norm, the lovely Stay Home sticker was launched to provide awareness about how important it is to stay home and stop the spread of the virus.

Stay Home
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People started using this sticker to showcase their activities at home and what they do to maintain sanity along with their physical health. The default story setting helped users view these stories first and contribute to the same. The variations of the sticker in regional languages added more personalization to it. 

The I Stay Home For sticker


When people around the world started staying home it became relevant to highlight the fact that we needed to stay home for our loved ones to stop the spread of the virus.

The I Stay Home For sticker helped users realize that it is essential to stay at home for not just themselves but also their loved ones. A continuation of the Stay Home sticker, this sticker helps users understand why they need to stay home. A great example of sequential marketing was executed through this set of lovely stickers.

The Thanks Health Heroes sticker

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An inspiring sticker launched during World Health Day on April 7th, 2020 was in line with the World Health Organization’s outreach to people through social media.

It gave an opportunity for people to express their thanks to the frontline medical workers fighting this pandemic. 

The Thank You Hour sticker

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The latest addition to the lovely Instagram stickers is the Thank You Hour sticker.

To show gratitude for whoever is helping during these tough times, these stickers will showcase all the users who have used it in one place at 7 PM every day. 

The Donation sticker

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Helping people choose the non-profit they would like to donate to is one of the most used stickers at this time.

Special mentions to the non-profit organization fighting COVID-19 have been listed on Instagram which makes donating money to fight this pandemic easier and right from your phone. 

Instagram paved the way for socially responsible interactive stickers proving once again why it is the leader in its arena. Quick marketing techniques that help people connect is the way to stay relevant during any time.

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